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My claims THREE♥

This contains my claims on OTP, Yaotome Hikaru, Tegoshi Yuya, Animanga & Others. (:

Kamenashi Kazuya {{KAT-TUN Blog Crew}}Akanishi Jin {{KAT-TUN Blog Crew}}Tanaka Koki {{KAT-TUN Blog Crew}}

RyoPi→ is my anti-drug
RyoPi will be the death of me
(Nishikido RyoxYamashita Tomohisa)
jelover  isAkanishi Jinto myRyo chan  
MY OTP BLOG CREW Nishikido Ryo x Tegoshi Yuya>
I can't live without some Nishikido Ryo x Yamashita Tomohisa fanservice. ☆.•°

Nishikido RyoYamashita TomohisaKamenashi Kazuya puzzle pieces of my S O U L
I married
Nishikido Ryo but cheated him off with Ikuta Toma >>BLOGCREW
I married Kamenashi Kazuya , and we adopted Chinen Yuuri to complete our happy little FAMILY!

Yamashita Tomohisa
and I went on a DATE but Nishikido Ryo saw us and got JEALOUS!!
We were playing »Truth or Dare« and i dared Tegoshi Yuya to § FRENCH KISS § Nishikido Ryo , HE DID! and OMG Nishikido Ryo was blushing like MAD!
 I and [jelover] went to Tokyo, searching for evidences of [Ryo chan x YamaP], and we really saw them in a Café - secretly HOLDING HANDS under the table

Yaotome Hikaru

Yaotome Hikaruis my date for VALENTINE ♥ this year!
Yaotome Hikaru just booked our HONEYMOON to HAWAII
(Yaotome Hikaru) said to me: "I never knew what Love was, until I met you."
On White Day, Yaotome Hikaru gave me hand-made treats in return for the gifts that I gave him on Valentines
Yaotome Hikaru took me to the beach, THREW me into the ocean, I drowned & so he gave me mouth to mouth~!

Tegoshi Yuya
[Tegoshi Yuyu]stole °nryo° first [under a tree] ;;and it was magical~

Tegoshi Yuya
put his jacket over the rain puddle so I wouldn't get wet
"Oohh... making hot, passionate sex with Tegoshi Yuya everyday is wearing me out. Another round won't hurt ne?

☆» § I may be clumsy ; I may be dorky , but || Tegoshi Yuya || can’t help FLL!nG in LVE with ME!!§«☆
Chinen Yuuri ← (i'd tap that)
Yamada Ryosuke made me realize that there is such a thing as love.』
Yokoyama Yu is my fatal attraction
Yasuda Shota
← is exactly my brand of heroin

Yasuda Shota is my sweetest T-E-M-P-T-A-T-I-O-N
I Baked Cookies for Nakamaru Yuichi on Valentine's Day .
Yokoyama Yu TOOK *ME* out of my ~BOX~ and ::WOUND:: [ME UP]♥.
» Tanaka Koki« and I FIGHT a LOT!!! But making up is really hot FUN~! ♪
"Aishiteru, ~愛してる~ nryo" ~ Tanaka Koki
Nakamaru Yuichi sings me to sleep every single night! Photobucket
[Yokoyama yu told me, we are in love forever. even after death. Death doesn't separate our love
In our winter holiday to ASPEN, 《Ikuta Toma》 taught me how to ski and warmed me after at the fireplace in our lodge ❤
All of me for you-Kanjani8 is my summer breeze~
Every time i take a test, *Stereo by Nishikido Ryo* comes into my head!
When i listen to {Eden by Kanjani8} it always makes me wanna DANCE.


Allen Walker』is my other half.

Allen WalkerxLavi)

Blogcrew claims ONE
Blogcrew claims TWO
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